How To Be A Hammer Rather Than A Nail

As a child, I was always told by my parents that I could do and be anything I wanted to be. Back then I figured that meant a doctor or a policewoman or some corporate business lady. Often times I find that people tend to think about their lives in this manner. What is our individual purpse and role in society? People asking these types of deeper meaning questions seek a superficial answer. The answer to this question is different than what many believe to be true. Being what you want in the world is not all about the profession. Being, existing, living requires a deeper answer.

The greatest advice that anyone has ever given to me was given by a former teacher; “Be bold,” he said. That advice has taken me a long way. Confidence, as I have found, is the greatest thing you can be. Rather than being a doctor or a policewoman or some corporate business lady, simply be bold. There are two types of people in the world. There are hammers and there are nails. The nails are the people that go through their life just “being” what they want to be through their ideal job. They are the people that never rise up to their full potential. Nails are the people always being overshadowed by the hammers. Now hammers are the people who know who they are and seize the opportunity. They know how to truly live their lives to the fullest through confidence.¬†When you choose the path that your life takes, think about the hammers and the nails of the world. Which one are you? Who will you be? Go forth and be bold relentlessly. Be confident and don’t look back.